Why is the restaurant name “JIBRIL”?2022-04-19T08:45:29+00:00

The name derived from a fictional character created by the founders of JIBRIL Restaurant Group for UiTM Mock Trial in 2013. JIBRIL (Jibril Azym), is a story about a sophisticated autistic lawyer with an intelligent mind, where he can read minds and solve cases in unconventional ways. When we started the restaurant business in 2015, we envision this is the kind of cafe where JIBRIL will hang out at. Sophisticated, unconventional, yet accessible.

Is JIBRIL Restaurant Group Halal?2022-04-26T03:13:54+00:00

JIBRIL Restaurant Group is 100% owned by Malay Muslims – please refer to the “Management Team” section for further details. Our foods/drinks are also normal Halal foods/drinks of which our suppliers are all Halal certified by JAKIM. However, we personally, still do not have Halal certification. We engaged a consultant for this exercise but unfortunately has to put this intention on hold due to MCO / COVID-19 pandemic. Great news! We have re-initiated the process now, as we speak (Halal Application No: HALAL-20220117-223421 PM).

Based on the above, since we have not officially obtained Halal certification from JAKIM, it is best to assume that we are Muslim-friendly eatery i.e. no alcohol & no lard/pork.

Is JIBRIL Restaurant Group kids-friendly?2022-04-19T09:22:35+00:00

Yes, JIBRIL Restaurant Group is kids-friendly. The restaurant setup is suitable for everyone, including kids / toddlers. We also provide baby chairs and any other special requests can be arranged (if possible) as discussed with the team.

What are the payment methods/options allowed in JIBRIL Restaurant Group?2022-08-02T08:48:57+00:00

JIBRIL Restaurant Group accepts payment by cash, credit card, debit card, QR pays (Maybank, GrabPay etc) as well as online bank in. Basically, we try to provide as many payment options for our customers’ convenience. Crypto-payment soon?

Does JIBRIL Restaurant Group has “Surau”?2022-08-02T08:48:00+00:00

For JIBRIL SS15, we do have a designated “room” on our first floor that is used by the staff to pray. However, this is not a proper surau and we will not recommend the customers to use unless they insist. Mosque is nearby with a few minutes drive, while a proper surau is available at Pelita Restaurant with a few minutes walk.

For JIBRIL Publika, we do not have a surau. However, Publika Shopping Gallery has comfortable surau(s) nearby. The nearest is just a few minutes walk inside the mall area, one level down, behind the escalator.

For JIBRIL Bangi, we do not have a surau. The nearest surau requires you to drive for a short minutes to the nearby Petronas gas station or Seksyen 3 Tambahan.

Is JIBRIL Restaurant Group open for reservation?2022-04-19T09:24:57+00:00

In general, we only accept walk in customers. Reservations are only allowed during Ramadan period (for Iftar), for special table decoration bookings and any other exceptional arrangement / request as may be discussed and agreed by the management team.

What is JIBRIL Restaurant Group’s policy on smoking in its premises?2022-04-19T09:26:13+00:00

JIBRIL Restaurant Group strictly prohibit smoking inside any of our restaurants/premises. This is in line with the government’s imposition of a smoking ban at all restaurants, eateries and roadside stalls nationwide effective 1 January 2019.

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