You're hungry and bored, we can fix that.

Jibril’s Lounge at SS15 Subang has been insanely passionate in serving local artisan foods and beverages since we opened in 2015. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience with prohibition-era entertainment and tremendous value for our customers.

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Personally, I would say that this place has been the best secret hideout for myself by far.I'd never thought that, there will be a place like this in the middle of chaotic Subang Jaya. Good job dear team, absolutely I will visit again in near future.

Haizul Haiqal

I'd give Jibril ss15 a 5-star rating on both their foods and drinks. food lovers out there should really go and give it a try, their salted egg butter chicken is definitely one of the best butter chickens I've ever tasted. #JibrilDoesItBetter

Aizad Faizal

This cafe is sooo cool ! Hidden door, seriously ? Hahaha i was like.... What?! It feels like you are in a completely different world once you entered. I ordered salted egg butter chicken (cus seems like everyone else ordered the same)... And yes, i made a correct decision. No wonder they said that this cafe is the first on the list now! Best butter chicken ever. I am now craving for it again.

Izmal Hakim