5 star taste,

2 star price.


Founded in 2015 by four university students, we focus on delivering sophisticated dining experience to the mass market. We see the big problem — food is either too expensive when it’s good, or its taste is subpar when it’s cheap.

JIBRIL Restaurant Group is founded to fill that gap, a well-decorated speakeasy restaurant, food and beverages that are addictive, yet affordable to the mass market.



During the final semester of law school, we took the risk and opened up Sangkaya SS15, an artisan coconut ice cream shop. The crowd were massive, and Alhamdulillah, we received our ROI in 1.5 months.

To cater for the demand, we had moved the business to a new building that is significantly larger than our previous stall. Considering Subang Jaya is a market that loves unique-cool concepts, we decided to open a speakeasy restaurant HIDING behind the coconut ice cream shop. YES, with a secret entrance.


JIBRIL SS15, home of the Ultimate Butter Chicken. Your go-to for delicious, affordable meals. JIBRIL SS15 is the first outlet i.e. the headquarter, located in SS15 Subang Jaya, opened in year 2015. This outlet has direct access to LRT SS15 station with only 3 minutes walking distance.

The first ever Halal-certified speakeasy restaurant in Malaysia, JIBRIL SS15 is the biggest outlet of all, with total capacity of more than 150 pax at once, occupying 2 floors with another 1 full lot on its side.

It also has 2 private “coffee table areas” for VIP that can fit up to 6 pax per area. While for couples, JIBRIL SS15 offers complete table decoration package for anniversary / birthday celebration with a reasonable price.

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JIBRIL Publika is JIBRIL Restaurant Group’s second outlet located in Publika.

As you may already realised, JIBRIL Publika is a little unique compared to the other 3 outlets, as it has no signature secret entrance, and its total seating capacity is 84 pax.

Located in Publika Shopping Gallery (in mall area), this outlet offers a totally different yet special experience — it has OUTDOOR seatings, exclusive VIP ROOM that can fit up to 6 pax & SIGNATURE MENUs that are only available at this outlet, such as Butter Chicken Pizza!

For couples, JIBRIL Publika also offers complete table decoration package for anniversary / birthday celebration with a reasonable price.

JIBRIL Publika’s mantra is simple — good food & drinks shouldn’t cost you a bomb, and reasonably priced food & drinks shouldn’t taste bad. In JIBRIL Publika, we value our customer’s experience, from presenting the chic Retro-Malayan setting to surprising your tastebud with our home-made recipes. Workday Blues? Spice it up with Butter Chicken. Switch from desk to delicious. Unwind with our affordable meals.

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JIBRIL BANGI is JIBRIL Restaurant Group’s third outlet located in Seksyen 3, Bandar Baru Bangi.

This outlet replicated exactly the layout of our first outlet i.e. JIBRIL SS15. This includes its signature secret entrance (through brick walls). JIBRIL Bangi is our smallest outlet with total seating capacity of only 52 pax.

JIBRIL Bangi’s focus is to cater for family crowds within Bangi’s Malay community, with its primary aim in providing the best experience in culinary without breaking the customer’s bank. Family time just got tastier. Skip the kitchen; come to JIBRIL Bangi. Family-friendly dining.

For couples, JIBRIL Bangi also offers complete table decoration package for anniversary / birthday celebration with a reasonable price.

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JIBRIL JB is JIBRIL Restaurant Group’s fourth outlet located in Larkin (next to Larkin Sentral bus station, which is super plus point for Singaporeans). This new location offers customers a unique dining experience that highlights the best of Malaysian cuisine — with stylish decor and comfortable seating. Whether customers are grabbing a quick bite on their lunch break, or spending a leisurely evening with friends and family, JIBRIL JB offers a warm and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for any occasion. YES, with its signature secret entrance (through the bookshelf).

JIBRIL JB has 2 floors and big enough to cater for 140 pax in total, with 2 exclusive VIP rooms to those who intend to have a private quality time with loved ones that can fit up to 16 pax. While for couples, JIBRIL JB offers complete table decoration package for anniversary / birthday celebration with a reasonable price.

Meet your new foodie destination. New in JB! Treat yourself to our famous Butter Chicken.

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